What differentiates us

COMMUNICATE is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, passion, innovation, creativity and an unparalleled understanding of and relationship with the media – traditional and digital.

First and foremost

  • We will understand the business of our clients.
  • Research and understand your competitors, develop strategies, both strategic and tactical, to gain you a competitive edge.

All our staff are experienced advertising media professionals who can provide a level of understanding, integrating in-depth media market knowledge with the latest technology, industry tools and resources to ensure your media budget is optimised.

We develop advertising media executions that will achieve your campaign objectives cost-effectively and cost-efficiently.

We know how to leverage every media buy to achieve increased impact and reach by understanding how the media operate, what each medium offers and how it can best deliver your message.

We are tough in our negotiations, innovative in our thinking and planning, which deliver optimal Share of Voice for our clients.